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Hair Styling

Offered at all Campuses

Hair styling is the essence of beauty and fashion.  A good hair style can enhance ones persona in a positive way and be the key to success in life and career. 

Hair styling involves all aspects of hair care such as hair cutting, styling, coloring, curling and chemical services, like perming or straightening. For students interested in providing hair care services only, it is the clear choice program.

The hair styling program is designed to prepare the students to meet state licensing requirements and to give them skills to enter the hair business. Career opportunities in hair styling are growing fast every year and will remain strong in the future.

This program can be completed in 10 months. The amount of training required in each of the components of Hair Styling are: Hair Cutting 8 credits, Hair Coloring 8 credits, Chemical Texture Services 4 credits, Hair Styling 7 credits, Shampooing 2 credits, Laws and Rules 1 credit, Management 1 credit and Sanitation 9 credits. These training components add up to a total of 40 credits or 1200 hours of in-school training required for a hair styling license.